Do you have outdated Delphi software?

With our years of experience in the field of Delphi we can convert every Delphi applications to the latest version. Because we have done countless conversions, we have extensive knowledge of all possible problems and pitfalls.

Conversion costs

Over the years we have developed our own tools to automate part of the conversion. This allows us to achieve faster results. To give an estimate of the conversion you can use the cost calculator below.

Delphi Certified DeveloperAll our developers are Delphi certified

How we work

We use the following step-by-step plan for the conversion of your Delphi software:

1. Analysis of the application
The first step is to analyse the software. This includes a quick scan of the quality of the code, an investigation into the components used, the possible risks and problems with conversion, etc. This analysis can be done on location, but we can also do this remotely. This usually does not take more than 2 to 3 days. (And of course we work with NDAs to provide security for IP (Intellectual Property) rights)

2. Review of the findings
After the analysis, we discuss our findings. In this meeting we also discuss the best approach for the actual conversion. There are several possibilities, depending on whether there are your own developers working on the application, what the total lead time is, etc.

3. Quote for the conversion
After this meeting, we will draw up a quotation for the actual conversion, including the planning for the conversion.

4. Conversion of the Delphi software
After signing the quote, we will carry out the actual conversion.

Doing it yourself
As an alternative, it is also possible to carry out the conversion yourself, using the tools developed by GDK Software. We will give you a few days of training, after which you can do the conversion yourself. For more information about the tools we use, see this blog post.

Please call Marco Geuze on +31 78 750 1661 or email if you’re interested in updating your Delphi software. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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