Upgrades of various Delphi projects

Marco Delphi

For several customers abroad (Ireland, Denmark, Belgium) we are upgrading the applications to the latest Delphi versions. Thanks to the tools we have developed, this conversion is significantly faster than the manual conversion of the projects. We now have a large database of necessary adjustments available, which allows us to automate a significant amount. Interested in our approach? Click on …

MarcoUpgrades of various Delphi projects

Animal ambulance – Registration System

Marco Apps, Web

The Animal Ambulance had an outdated system for tracking and processing rides. We have developed an app for them in which they can keep track of rides and animals in a handy way. The planning and route is also created using this app.

MarcoAnimal ambulance – Registration System

Dunne & Co – Delphi conversion


Dunne and Co Solicitors is an organisation in England that specialises in personal injury in all kinds of areas. We have supported Dunne and Co Solicitors in converting the software to the latest Delphi version. We are also working on various extensions to the software.

MarcoDunne & Co – Delphi conversion

J de Jonge – Employment portal

Marco Apps, Web

In order to easily recruit employees, we have developed a staffing portal for J. de Jonge Flowsystems. The vacancies are placed in the portal, after which employment agencies can submit candidates online. This enables the HR department to see at a glance whether a candidate is suitable for the current vacancy. Of course, this system is linked to the back-office …

MarcoJ de Jonge – Employment portal

Fineaid – Portal and Back office

Marco Apps, Delphi, Web

For Fineaid we develop and maintain the software for trust offices. In addition to the back-office system, we have also created an integrated online client portal. Clients and administrators can exchange information in a fast and secure way. This saves time and ensures a more efficient back-office.

MarcoFineaid – Portal and Back office

QTop – secure communications

Marco Delphi

For our customer Qtop from Belgium, we are developing various interfaces to the Belgian government and health insurance funds. This includes the integration with MyCareNet. This is a central service platform that can be used by individual healthcare providers and institutions to exchange information with the health insurance funds in a simple, reliable and secure manner.

MarcoQTop – secure communications

Den Hartogh – Back office system

Marco Apps, Delphi

Den Hartogh Logistics is one of the leading Logistics Service Providers in the world when it comes to safe and reliable transport of bulk liquids and gases for the chemical industry. We have been providing maintenance and support for Den Hartogh’s Delphi back office applications for several years now.

MarcoDen Hartogh – Back office system

De Jonge Flowsystems – EPM system

Marco Delphi

To ensure the effective management of De Jonge Flowsystems’ various global projects, GDK Software developed and implemented a completely new EPM (Enterprise Project Management) system. In addition to all the components required for project management, this application also has a human resources, VCA (Dutch health & safety and environmental checklist for contractors) and ISO module. An intelligent workflow system controls …

MarcoDe Jonge Flowsystems – EPM system

ED&A – Support

Marco Delphi

ED&A is a Belgian business that develops electronic applications. Delphi applications written in Delphi 5, 2009 and XE7 are responsible for the internal automation processes. We use our expertise to support ED& in upgrading their applications to the latest version of Delphi. In addition, we assist in expanding the software in various ways.

MarcoED&A – Support
VCA Manager

VCA Manager – App and webapplication

Marco Apps, Delphi, Web

GDK Software developed VCA Manager for VCA-certified businesses. VCA Manager is a Delphi-based (Intraweb and Firemonkey) app and web application with which all requirements for VCA certification can be captured. VCA Manager issues an automatic reminder when documents or certification expires.

MarcoVCA Manager – App and webapplication