Perfectlabel app

Perfectlabel – App for surveyors

Marco Apps, Delphi

Applying for an energy efficiency rating is a complex matter for homeowners. In collaboration with Perfectkeur, GDK Software developed an app to help simplify this process. The surveyor can use it to take photos in the home and to answer questions. The captured data is used to generate an automatic report to establish the property’s energy efficiency rating.

MarcoPerfectlabel – App for surveyors

Initiostar – Multimedia display

Marco Delphi

Initiostar is located in the UK and supplies software that enables information from different sources, such as RSS feeds, live video streams, or databases, to be displayed on large wallboards in real time. We were responsible for the development of this software.

MarcoInitiostar – Multimedia display
Tekom vertalers

Tekom – Order administration

Marco Delphi

Tekom Vertalers uses a bespoke Delphi application to process translation assignments quickly and efficiently. We converted the application from Delphi 5 to XE6 and we are responsible for carrying out maintenance and upgrades to the system.

MarcoTekom – Order administration
SOS Solutions

SOS Solutions – ISO Writer

Marco Delphi

Through a webshop, SOS Solutions sells various devices with pre-installed software. Using Delphi, we developed a tool with which clients can simply download and apply software updates or re-installations. After logging in, the tool downloads an encrypted ISO or IMG file and installs it on the device automatically

MarcoSOS Solutions – ISO Writer

HSN – Course Administration

Marco Delphi

Horeca Stichting Nederland organises safety and hygiene training courses. A bespoke Delphi application, for which we carry out maintenance and upgrades, is used to manage the course and participant administration.

MarcoHSN – Course Administration
Gustaaf Adolf

Gustaaf Adolf – Insurance

Marco Delphi

We developed a completely new application to enable Gustaaf Adolf to manage the details of their insurance holders and policies. The application calculates premiums, accrued capital and various factors relating to risk management. This new program replaced the existing Clipper application.

MarcoGustaaf Adolf – Insurance
Data Consult

Dataconsult – Conversion to Aurelius

Marco Delphi

Dataconsult used its own developers to create a standard software solution in Delphi. They utilised our expertise and staff to integrate the Aurelius ORM system – in TMS Software – into their existing software.

MarcoDataconsult – Conversion to Aurelius

Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts – Iceps

Marco Delphi

GDK Software developed an International Coffee Expert Profiling System for the coffee tasters at Douwe Egberts. This system allows data from the tastings to be captured and analysed to perfect the taste of the coffee.

MarcoSara Lee / Douwe Egberts – Iceps

Van Hilst – Tablet application

Marco Apps, Delphi

Now that GDK Software has developed a tablet application for managing orders, writing out order details on an order pad is a thing of the past for the representatives at Van Hilst (known for shoe brands Pinocchio, HIP, Gattino, etc). While in the field, sales reps can show clients photos of the range and input orders immediately. Clients can sign …

MarcoVan Hilst – Tablet application

Lameris Ootech – Eyeris

Marco Delphi

GDK Software developed a bespoke application to enable Lameris Ootech to connect hospitals’ electronic patient records with Lameris’ optometry apparatus. This link makes it possible to input computerised readings from the apparatus into patients’ electronic records. GDK Software designed and developed a generic engine that can dynamically link with medical equipment. New equipment can be easily incorporated as well.

MarcoLameris Ootech – Eyeris